Get it together…

Where to begin….how about the time…no, my mother was…wait that’s too personal, okay, I got it. Today has been a blur. The picture above has nothing to do with my vision but how I’mĀ feeling. It’s like I had it all together and the ideas kept coming and it looked perfect in my head. I felt pretty good about myself because I had thought up such a good plan. What happened?!?! I didn’t write anything down. WHY??? I am such a daydreamer. It’s like reaching the end of a marathon, you can see the finish line but you faint steps away from crossing it. Let’s be realistic, I would never run a marathon and don’t hydrate much (with water that is) so the chances of that actually happening to me well…are %50. I’d run the marathon if there was an end reward. Like a T-shirt! I’m a huge T-shirt junkie. It’s a huge issue. While most people would use an old sorority shirt to paint or do housework I’d use it as an actual shirt to wear out. And I didn’t even rush lol. Who cares, they are loose fitting and comfortable. Keep your judgments and don’t tell what to wear. You ain’t my momma.

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