I’m so guilty of finding a good song and having it on replay for what seems like an eternity. Like, it’s such a good song and at the moment it’s all I want to listen to. So, I’ll play it until I absolutely can’t stand it anymore. After I get over the song, I’ll skip through songs and the album artwork pops up and I’m just like omg, omg, NEXT! I hate it because sometimes when I do that my phone lags a bit. So that song I sooooo want to avoid starts to play for a bit and I’m there like

It’s literally the most annoying thing ever. Like, why am I like this? Why do you do this Rainey? WHYYY?! Who can relate? Then there are those annoying songs that come on, most being commercial jingles, and you’re just like “Oh, sweet mother of Jesus, save me from this!” Then ten minutes later you’re singing the same song. I kid you not, the Kroger jingle that plays in the store!!!! The little “Green Sheets brings you buyers!” Gets me ALL THE TIME. I will legit be working and out of nowhere it will pop into my head and I’ll be sitting at my desk singing it. If you’ve ever shopped at Kroger you know what I’m talking about. I know it happens to most of you too. You ain’t gotta lie, Craig!



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