Coffee Please!

I know the title is a little hurtful towards my site name. Trust me, a little piece of me just chipped away. I am a HUGE tea person! Tea will forever be my go-to for everything. Whether I’d be relaxing and reading a book (SIIIIKE, I got two kiddos that’s never going to happen), sipping away to calm the “stomach nerves” (wink, wink), getting a morning pick me up that doesn’t abandon me half way and let me crash it will ALWAYS be my gateway drink to life. HOWEVER, today is my first day back to school. As a kid, I use to love the first day of school. It meant fresh new school supplies, crisp new clothes and well just showing off all the new things. Nowadays, I dread it. It’s like why the fuck didn’t I finish my college education before kids. Now, I HAVE TO get this shit done. No more shortcuts in life. I find that whenever I do idiotic moves like that I end up drawing the short stick and shitting all over the small success I accomplished before the shit hit the fan. Anyway, back to my first day of school. Yeeeah, so my first day hasn’t even ended and I already feel a week behind in material and so lost that I can’t even find the way to my own bathroom in my home. I think this semester I might need something a little stronger. So what if after every cup I feel a colonic coming on!? At the end of the semester, there are two things I can be sure of 1. I tried my best-ish 2. My intestines will be as clean as they’ve never been.  Here’s to my Starbucks barista COFFEE PLEASE!

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