Dirty Thoughts

Let’s be clear, there’s no greater thinking space than the comforts of a restroom. Nothing like sitting bared ass on a toilet to get the thoughts flowing. It’s even worse when you bring your phone in with you and you spend countless time trolling for memes. Leave it to me to up it one and end up blogging about it. My coworkers probably think I have IBS or a bladder the size of a pinto bean. I’d bet money on it. I frequent the the throne quite a bit throughout the day. It’s only to get away from the bland personalities that surround me. Holy shit! (Please don’t take that literally) I think I just came up with my million dollar idea!!! There should be an app for people like me who are currently hiding from their work woes in the restroom. Like a friend finder! We can strike up awkward conversations like the smell of the air freshener in the restroom to if the Taco Bell you had for lunch has given you a colonic yet. Don’t give me any grief, I know plenty of you out there have had similar conversations. I actually use to have a best friend who would send me a picture of his gnarly natural wastes on a daily. It was always interesting when I tried to guess his most recent meal. 😆 Anyway, it’s time I got back to work. As always thanks for reading.



It’s all fun and games until….

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