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We have all fallen victims to Pinterest recreations. Where even after following each instruction to a T your outcome doesn’t even come close to the demonstration. Don’t even lie, you know it’s happened to you. Some of you are probably nodding your head in agreeance. It’s okay, just close one eye and tilt your head slightly and it will look perfect. SIKE! I just want to challenge the activity and see if the instructions are adequate. I’m tired of getting my heart broken by these sucky step-by-steps. So, I will be choosing a small little project to do and follow the instructions. All my errors will be documented for the world to see. (but no pressure…) Any suggestions are highly recommended.


12/8/17 Update: I’ve come with a product to review but I’m struggling with my next PT Life Fail. You guys, my creative gene is failing me at the moment. I NEED HELP!!

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