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Soooo….I know I have seen FaceBook videos or even come across certain commercial and YouTube stars who have tested products for viewers. This area is for the many crazy things that I may want to try out. I always see so many new products that I would like to try, like the color changing lipstick, but I’m always too scared to. I have given birth twice!! After that terrifying experience,  I shouldn’t be intimidated by anything except for death itself. (At this rate, the way our world is, it’s starting to look appealing) So I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and doing it all!! Come @ya girl. Lemme know your suggestions.



Update: I actually know what I would like to review first. I am going to go ahead and give myself a week to see if I can tell the difference in the product. I’ll do it for a total of two weeks then, give it a rating. I’ll update you guys with a half mark. Starting this 12/11. I’ll update you guys on 12/15!!! Stick around!!!




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